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"That Norman Lear can find humor in life’s darkest moments is no surprise – it’s the reason he’s been so successful throughout his more than nine decades on earth … It’s also why 'Even This I Get to Experience' is such a great read."
- President William J. Clinton
"Norman Lear is a hero and a friend... Now that he wrote this book I can experience his journey and wisdom over and over again."
- will.i.am
"Many have known the Man behind the stories.  Now all of us can know the stories behind the Man.  Archie, Edith, Gloria and Meathead couldn't have told them better!"
- Bill Moyers
"Fantastic stories from one of the wisest, most subversive, and most beautiful human beings the comedy world has ever known… This book is charming, awe-inspiring and hilarious."
- Trey Parker
" 'Even This I Get To Experience' is not just the brilliant, moving story of a man who has lived an amazing number of lives … but also a life-manual on how to live a life of depth, purpose and meaning..."
- Arianna Huffington
"Norman Lear could never write a more dramatic, touching, or funnier tale of his life than he’s done here."
- Carl Reiner
"This is, flat out, one of the best Hollywood memoirs ever written… An absolute treasure."
- David Pitt

Norman Lear


In my ninety-plus years I’ve lived a multitude of lives. In the course of all these lives, I had a front- row seat at the birth of television; wrote, produced, created or developed more than a hundred shows; had nine on the air at the same time; founded the 300,000-member liberal advocacy group People for the American Way; was labeled the “No. 1 enemy of the American family” by Jerry Falwell; made it onto Richard Nixon’s “Enemies List”; was presented with the National Medal of the Arts by President Clinton; purchased an original copy of the Declaration of Independence and toured it for ten years in all fifty states; blew a fortune in a series of bad investments in failing businesses; and reached a point where I was informed we might even have to sell our home.

Having heard that we’d fallen into such dire straits, my son-in-law phoned me and asked how I was feeling. My answer was, “Terrible, of course,” but then I added, “but I must be crazy, because despite all that’s happened, I keep hearing this inner voice saying, ‘Even this I get to experience.'”


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thursday, october 23 – seattle, wa
university book store
7 pm

sunday, october 26 – austin, tx
austin book fair

wednesday, november 5 – los angeles, ca
la public library council foundation dinner at luxe hotel
6 – 9 pm

saturday, november 8 – los angeles, ca
kpcc book event with amy poehler
ucla royce hall
8 pm

thursday, november 20 – new york, ny
paley center story telling event
interview of norman by ted sarandos
daytime, time tbd

saturday, november 22 – miami, fl
miami book fair
2 PM

saturday, november 29 – manchester center, vt
northshire bookstore

more dates to come!

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