Television and Radio

Ford Star Revue (with Jack Haley)1950-51TV WeeklyNL/Ed Simmons, writers
Colgate Comedy Hour (Martin and Lewis)1950-53 TV WeeklyNL/Ed Simmons, writers
Martin and Lewis1951-53 RadioNL/Ed Simmons, writers
Martha Raye Show1954-56 RadioNL/Ed Simmons, writers
Tennessee Ernie Ford Show1957TV WeeklyNL writer
George Gobel Show1957-59TV WeeklyNL writer
The Deputy (with Henry Fonda)1959-61TV SeriesNL/Roland Kibbee, writers
TV Guide Award Show1960TV SpecialNL/Tom Koch, writers
Bobby Darin and Friends1961TV SpecialNL writer/Producer/Director
Danny Kaye Show1961TV SpecialNL/Hal Kantor, writers
Andy Williams Show1962TV Special SeriesNL writer, Bud Yorkin Director
Henry Fonda and the Family1962TV SpecialNL/Tom Koch, writers
An Evening with Carol Channing1966TV SpecialTandem Production (NL/Bud Yorkin)
Robert Young and the Family1971TV SpecialTandem Production (NL/Bud Yorkin)
All in the Family1971-79TV SeriesDeveloped/Produced by NL, writing supervision
Maude1972-78TV SeriesDeveloped/Produced by NL, writing supervision
Sanford and Son1972-78TV SeriesProduced by NL
Duke Ellington … We Love You Madly1973TV SpecialTandem / T.A.T
Good Times1974-79TV SeriesDeveloped/Produced by NL, writing supervision
The Jeffersons1975-86TV SeriesDeveloped/Produced by NL
One Day at a Time1975-84TV SeriesCreated, Developed, Produced by NL
Hot L Baltimore1975TV SeriesDeveloped/Produced by NL
All’s Fair1976-77TV SeriesProduced by NL
The Nancy Walker Show1976TV SeriesCreated by NL
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman1976-77TV SeriesDeveloped/Produced by NL
A Year at the Top1977TV SeriesProduced by NL
The Dumplings1977TV SeriesProduced by NL
All That Glitter1977TV SeriesDeveloped by NL
Fernwood 2Night1977TV SeriesCreated by NL
Forever Fernwood1977TV Series
Sanford Arms1977TV SeriesProduction Supervisor
America 2Night1978TV Series
Apple Pie1978TV SeriesCreated by NL
In the Beginning1978TV SeriesDeveloped by NL
The Baxters1979TV Series
Hanging In1979TV SeriesProduced by NL
Palmerstown1980-81TV SeriesDeveloped/Produced by NL
I Love Liberty1982TV SpecialCreated, Developed, Written, Produced by NL
a.ka. Pablo1984TV SeriesCreated by NL
E R (aka Recovery Room)1984TV SeriesTAT/Embassy
Heartsounds1984Movie made for TVCreated/Produced by NL
Sunday Dinner1991TV SeriesProduced by Act III / NL
All in the Family 20th Anniversary1991TV SpecialProduced by Act III / NL
The Powers That Be1992-93TV SeriesProduced by Act III / NL
704 Hauser1994TV SeriesProduced by Act III / NL
Channel Umptee-31997TV SeriesProduced by Act III / NL
America Divided2016TV SeriesProduced by Act III / NL
One Day at a Time2017TV SeriesProduced by Act III / NL

Theatrical Motion Pictures

Scared Stiff1953FilmNL / Ed Simmons / Walter de Lem
Come Blow Your Horn1963FilmScreenplay by NL
Never Too Late1965FilmProduced by NL
Divorce American Style1967FilmNL / Rober Kaufman writers (Academy Award nomination for writing)
The Night They Raided Minskys1968FilmProduced/Written by NL
Start the Revolution Without Me1970FilmProduced by NL
Cold Turkey1971FilmProduced/Written/Directed by NL
The Thief Who Came to Dinner1971FilmProduced by NL
Breaking In1980FilmProduced by Embassy / NL
Stand by Me1986FilmProduced by Act III / NL
Princess Bride1987FilmProduced by Act III / NL
History of Celebrity in America1990FilmProduced by Act III / NL
Fried Green Tomatoes1991FilmProduced by Act III / NL
Way Past Cool2000FilmProduced by Act III / NL
Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You2016FilmProduced by WNET/Thirteen (American Masters)

Special Projects

Declaration of Independence2003FilmProduced by DOI, Inc / NL
Pete Seeger: Power of Song2007Film/DVDProduced by Shangri-La / NL
Born Again American2008CD/DVDProduced by DOI, Inc / NL
Playing for Change: Songs Around the World #12008CD/DVDExec Produced by Whitney Kroenke / NL
Playing for Change: Songs Around the World #22011CD/DVDExec Produced by Whitney Kroenke / NL
Photographs of Your Junk (…will be televised)2011FilmProduced by Act III / Out Island Productions / NL
Playing for Change: Songs Around the World #32014CD/DVDExec Produced by Whitney Kroenke / NL / Maurie Stang / Charlie Cole